Korek & Toyota Snookball Event

What do a car, a phone & a ball have in common?
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The need to bridge gaps

At a certain point, two market titans (Toyota & Korek) found themselves in need of strengthening bridges with the youth generation. So, not only did we need to harmonize the strategies of two major brands, but also to capture the interest of one of the most distracted market segments ever.

The answer came in the form of a ball.

Snookball to be specific. We suggested, designed, advertised and executed a promotion activity featuring Football Pool (Snookball). For 30 days, families and friends enjoyed freely playing this exotic sport at Erbil & Sulaymaniyah.

The two brands made the most out of sponsoring this event

With 800k visitors and tens of thousands of game participators. Considering the tight budget, high expectations and small timeframe, the event scored impressive cost per attendance rates. Besides, Snookball was introduced into the region.

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