Digital Marketing

We help you create, grow and maintain
your business’s online persona.
Social Media Management

We manage your social media accounts on your behalf.
We create rich content calendars crafted to influence, promote and sell. We handle community engagement, ad campaigns and data analysis across numerous social media platforms.

Our third year in connecting Hardee’s with communities across KRI & the rest of Iraq

Featured Works
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Influencer Marketing

They are popular. Followed and trusted by tens of millions. Through our network of both micro and macro influencers, we make sure the right person is promoting your brand based on your communication strategy.

Website & App Development

Your website is your own kingdom. Not only does it make your business available to millions of internet users, but also gives it personality, charisma and authority. Add to that a mobile application with useful features, and everyone will be walking around with your brand in their pockets.

2X1 Football Game App
Shoxan E-commerce
SEM, SEO, Email & SMS

Sky Marketing not only puts you online.
We put you there first.

Search Engine Marketing

Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) service promotes your website to the sponsored part of Google search results.

Search Engine Optimization

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service guarantees advanced placement among these search results.

Email & SMS

we help you blast-share your services, offers or announcements through bulk email and SMS campaigns