Korek Ramadan Nights

Connection Restored
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Drawing Closer To The People

The major telecom service provider, Korek, concluded that there is a gap between them and the population; and who’s a better gap-bridger than us? The challenge was helping Korek draw closer to its audience by thinking outside the usual box of corporate-themed approaches.

Two-evening event in six major cities

We ideated, planned and executed the "Cozy Ramadan Evenings" campaign to establish more cultural connections between people and the Korek brand. We chose, booked and decorated several public areas for a two-evening event in six major cities: Baghdad, Najaf, Mosul, Erbil, Sulaymaniyah and Duhok. We made the stage on the same level as the audience to create an accessible setting, and send a message of a down-to-earth company.

Turning the audience from watchers into participators.

This inviting setting turned the audience from watchers into participators and engagers. The audience did not simply stand there and enjoy. They participated in stage activities ranging from singing to poetry reading. The gap was definitely bridged with our success in making the people volunteer to share Korek their event.

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