Japanese Culture Day

The time we recreated Japan in Erbil
  • Client
  • Toyota
  • Industry
  • Automobile
  • Service Scope
  • Research, Event Planning and Management, Print and Manufacturing.
It was our first experience with Toyota

And it started as a simple request: Some decorations that promote Japanese culture.
To which we replied: No. How about we recreate Japan instead?

First, we needed to learn.

We made use of our knowledge base, extensive research skills and superior resourcefulness to remake a piece of Japan in Erbil. From the ethics of Bushido, to Sakura blooms, Torii Gate and the Fuji Mountain, we recreated an immersive atmosphere.

From wearing Kimonos to tasting the Washoku, learning to create origami and educating about Japanese inventions, we captured numerous aspects of life, art and culture.

The activity was a huge success.

So huge that Toyota turned into a repeating partner. What’s more impressive is that the Japanese consulate kept reusing the venue decorations for several years after.

  • Research & Ideation
  • Event Planning
  • Event Management
  • Printing & Manufacturing
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