Out-of-Home Advertising

The sole owner of prime OOH locations across Iraq.

Sky Marketing helps you advertise in public spaces in an optimized way. We have a variety of options, whether buildings, streets, malls or vehicles. Even better, we have ownerships and exclusivities of numerous mediums in key locations across Iraqi cities.

We advise regarding the geographic locations most suitable for your goals.

We design captivating visuals with powerful messages.

We offer strategic locations with high exposure
and traffic.

We guarantee engineered placement so your ads can’t possibly be missed.


Quality print. Weather-resistant. Regularly maintained. From roads, squares and bridges to traffic signs, building facades, malls and bazars, your next billboard is ready to host your ad.

Duhok Bazaar Billboards

Advertise in this Sky exclusive location.

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Digital Displays
We offer indoor and outdoor digital displays in prime ocations across Iraq.
Amongst our locations are malls, university campuses, main roads and facades.
Family Mall Erbil Screens

Reach 1.2M visitors/month with this Sky exclusive solution.

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Mosul City Screens

Influence buyers in Mosul City with this unique solution.

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Transit Advertising

Taxis. Small Buses. Large Buses. They might miss their ride, but they won’t miss your ad. Turn your ad into a giant on wheels and release it in the streets.

Baghdad Public Buses

Only available through Sky Marketing.

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