Brand Development & Management

The small details that paint the bigger picture.

Brand identity determines how your business will appear and function both internally and to the outside world. How will it look and feel? What will it tell? What will the first impression be? Will it stick to memory? Entrust Sky Marketing with shaping your business Identity.

The identity package starts with business naming, logo design and slogans creation, extending all the way to business cards, letterheads, signatures, collaterals, stationery, uniforms and decorations. These are the small details that paint the bigger picture, and it’s important that they are consistent and professional.

Maximizing the brand’s value through smart management.

From start-up and all the way to scaling and mergers, any brand has a lifecycle. During each of these phases, professional brand management is needed to deliver the right message, make the most effective communication and keep consistent goals.

We strategize, implement and evaluate brand management. We have had the pleasure of helping key brands through agile actions and valuable insights. From launchings to monitoring reputation, augmenting corporate spirit, creating activity calendars, analyzing past performance and many more.

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