About Us

Aim High
Sky Marketing is a full-service marketing agency headquartered in Erbil, empowering business in KRI and the entirety of Iraq.

Since 2013, we have been rewarding ambitious businesses by enabling them to seize growth opportunities via consultation, strategizing and implementation. We highlight the unique powers within brands. We understand what buyers truly need. Then, we connect these powers to those who need it through persuasive communication to bring our clients tangible accelerated growth.

To apply the Sky Marketing way: we put at our clients’ disposal a marketing team, a creative department, data specialists and technology experts, all in house, all in collaboration. This way, we have the information to plan and the resources to realize.

team members
Years in the
Profound difference through meaningful changes.

Through research, creativity and experience, we define opportunities. Then, we help clients to capture them through personalized communication. We create messages, visuals, situations and occurrences in a compelling way that cause a quick behavior change, ensuring our clients direct rewarding results. Moreover, our research based plans and detailed roadmaps can guarantee long term continuity of quickly harvested benefits.

Clients are partners.
But for real.

We turned client partnership from a slogan into a doctrine. We adopt direct barrier-free collaboration based on transparency and honesty. We tell clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear, and not what Sky Marketing wants to hear. Our clients know that we don’t go the easy way of just evolving their ideas. We walk the extra mile to add, edit and delete.

What’s in it for us? This doctrine helped us achieve a level of trust so high that we acted on behalf of several prominent brands. We gained numerous long-term partnerships and loads of repeat clients, which helped us know our clientele more. As a result, we’ve become able to pair wiser decisions with quicker actions.

Local core.
International character.

Our knowledge of Kurdistan, Iraq and its inhabitants is hardly matched. That’s because our marketing department has been gathering Iraqi consumer intelligence for 10 years now.

Furthermore, the data is used by our team of locals and expats who have regional and international multidisciplinary experiences.

This unique feature enabled us to help local, regional and international brands to figure out the deep practical and emotional desires of their potential customers, and to effectively appeal to them.

Pioneers of error-free marketing.

Because marketing affects the business image, any slight inconsistency is a mistake. Therefore, not making mistakes is hard. But it’s possible. We put in the effort and resources to create strict QA/QC policies, obligatory operation guidelines and tough OKRs.

Furthermore, our hiring standards balances international cross-disciplinary experts with young talents; both benefitting of our capacity building budget, whether online courses or in-person coaching. That’s the investment we make to deliver only the crème de la crème to our clients.

An Agency on a Mission
Distinguished service through concrete values.

Our mission is to offer a distinguished marketing service for businesses within the Iraqi market. We believe that knowledge, integrity and honesty make the core of this distinction. These qualities are manifested through the composition of our team and its culture.

An Agency with A Vision
A leader through knowledge, technology and culture.

Our vision is to become the best marketing agency in the region through knowledge, technology and exemplary corporate culture. We aspire that our methodology will influence businesses on so many levels that we become a synonym for Ideal Marketing Partner.

Client Testimonials
Kind words that recognize and appreciate.

During my period as General Manager for Toyota Iraq, I had the pleasure of working with Sky Marketing. They provided us with both large market ... research services and close to a hundred smaller and several high profile larger event management services. What I liked about Sky Marketing was the feeling of ownership, the professionalism and the extra effort they put to make all the project a successful story to tell. Read more

Amer Salih Toyota - General Manager

Sky Marketing is the only full-marketing agency we have worked with locally. The value that Sky Marketing brings is equally ...in the project it delivers and the professional reporting we get. The best events we have had have been managed by Sky Marketing. Moreover, we called upon them for urgent tasks that had to be done within a very tight schedule and they have delivered every single time. Read more

Sarmad Yousif Korek Telecom - Chief Marketing Officer

Working with sky marketing has really changed our perspective on marketing. Since our partnership we have captured 20%... month over month growth in revenue, as well as, our user base has at least doubled monthly. Sky Marketing not only fills the gap of marketing management but also uses effective marketing strategies that lead to a positive result. Read more

Yadgar Merani Lezzoo - Chief Executive Officer

In the retail business, marketing is critical. Being the merchandiser of a prominent multinational brand, our agencies had to do a lot, fast and first-rate. ...Only the A-list will do. That’s how we met Sky Marketing, and that’s why they became our full-service agency for over seven years. Be it research, BTL, OOH and online, they were our eyes, ears and hands in the Iraqi markets. Read more

Nizar Al Safar Harun Group – Marketing Director

Marketing Managers always struggle to find marketing agencies who can get it right from the start. It used to take a lot of trial and error.... When it came to Sky Marketing, they showed an ideal understanding of the Iraqi markets and the marketing discipline. Therefore, it was like we have known them for years. Since the very first day, they became a valuable marketing partner, providing a-z services to Sardar Group and numerous sub-brands. Read more

Sarhang Sabir Sardar Group – Marketing Manager

We have had Sky Marketing as our agency of choice for three years now. As Hardee’s Senior Regional Marketing Manager, I closely experienced... how their remarkable marketing services manifested into tangible field benefits, whether in brand recognition, product awareness or customer service. They have been by our side as we journeyed into new products and branches, and we always recommend having such a reliable and responsible journey companion. Read more

Mohammed Dokmak Hardee’s Kuwait, Qatar & Iraq – Senior Marketing Manager
How We Do It
We analyze the brief and conduct an assessment of the current situation. Moreover, we utilize past experience and extract the learned lesson when providing an action plan.
Whether single requests or yearlong campaigns, our clients are presented with clear action plans. They’ll have solid timeframes and measurables to track the progress.
Our internal auditing mechanism ensures several filtration layers. This way, the result amounts to delivering crème de la crème to the client.
Our clients are involved in every step along the way. Because we are wired for retained customers and longterm contracts, our clients are assigned an Account Manager who caters to their needs. Plus, they receive regular status reports, backed up with images and numbers.
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